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But necessary all the same.

Dear Negative party,
   If you're going to go after someone in a relentless wave of dramatic social media assassination because you don't like them, do the world a favor, stop beating a dead horse in hopes to get a different result than your prior complaints. Gather them in ONE SITTING, this way, your target can say their peace, show their proof voiding your woes & then everyone can MOVE THE HELL ON! Instead of post after video after post of yours with the SAME people & audience
(hmm wonder why they're mad? Could it be something THEY did to ME & maybe I put them in check or time out? Ya think? God forbid), spitting your SAME hate at the SAME target, perpetrating a 'new offense' where none exists.

   I'm not going to keep proving you're a liar. Doing it once should've sufficed.

   Obviously your mob thinks "if one attack doesn't work let's try again with something new!". I read about people with your mentality... History wasn't kind to those guys either. Watch your step. While you're busy reporting false news, day after day after day in your attempt to vilify someone you've already told the world you want to see 'ruined'...  constantly telling me to mind my business, but you're busy trying to mind it FOR ME, you're showing YOUR lack of character. Not mine.

   When will you just focus on YOUR OWN issues & stop trying to publicly point at others (I'm not your first target or I suppose your last) for faults you concoct with a VULGAR tongue, just to make you a hero of your own tales? Relentlessly smh..
you don't like me.. I GET IT!! WHO CARES? GROW UP! Why must you feel compelled to constantly tell the world..day after day? Is your unjustified hate so strong you need an army behind you to make you feel justified, big, important, a hero?

  If I'm bad... GOOD GET OFF MY NAME AND GO AWAY! Stop looking for a fight! Im tired of saying it.. LEAVE ME ALONE! I've even posted VIDEO PROOF that my screenshots of this BS were REAL and therefor, you're the only one frantically clinging to any lie to save 'your cause' wanting to blackball me because you're mad I wouldn't talk to you the FIRST time you tried to throw me under. You should've shut your mouth and sat down then. This would all be unnecessary to repeat AGAIN to you! 

  P.S. Your entire party (Tracy, Heather & Jorge, Shauena the thief, & the rest of peanut gallery of drama train jumpers)

I've blocked you all at one point or another because of something you've actually done to me directly or indirectly, ... your behavior has been nothing but hateful Propaganda, disguised as 'news to help someone' when your intent is to HURT someone. YOU are the ONLY one bullying & relentlessly attacking people.

I've only stood up to you and your lies with PROOF! So keep posting your disgusting displays of complaints about me and others if that makes you feel like the better person here.  A lie is a lie no matter how many times or by how many it's said.

  The Nazi party had the same tactics. They weren't successful either. 
👇 You will be your own undoing. I've said all that will be said on my part, no matter how many times you all take jabs with new posts/videos. Now, unless you attempt to rip the paint brushes and kits out of my hand to stop me, I'm off to mind MY business like I was before you tried making it YOURS..You can either prove my point by continuing this 'drama' you're whipping up, or remove me from your woes and walls like big girls and boy*. My work here is finished.  🙌  Now go hate me if that's what gets you off,  but stop forcing it on everyone around you! If I'm that horrific, Im sure I can manage showing the world on my own. I've lived 40 odd years without people like you & I'll continue the rest of it just fine thanks ;) 

                                             ​TIMELESS POST

I just have to get this out before I just go off completely!!!

I have been hit lately with some outlandish childish, irrational behavior out of the blue because someone carries a chip on their shoulder(s)!!

Let me say this....
It's really difficult to stay "Nice" and "Smile" to EVERYONE regardless how I'm treated, because I'm "scared to be branded with the D(rama) word or WORSE! ..when there never fails to be someone waiting for you to act like a FREE human with an opinion that doesn't match theirs... Dislike someone they love (Even if you have YOUR OWN GOOD REASON).. or have the NERVE to be upfront and honest with everyone and thing, no matter the consequences. I am aware it doesnt please everyone... especially those that find the honest opinion of THEM is not so nice....

BUT what about that not being my problem do people have a problem understanding?

I AM A NICE, SWEET, BIG HEARTED, COMPASSIONATE, LOVING, GIVING, HONEST, TRUSTWORTHY WOMAN.... who also can be a MAJOR feisty, passionate, sometimes emotional, opinionated, sharp tongued, stand my ground and
fight for the underdog no matter the cost, kinda woman.  I am either the best friend you ever had or someone you never want to cross again!


You see, I am a mirror of how I am treated! I am NOT a slave! I am NOT a robot. I am NOT a God.

I am human.

With all the qualities of most other human beings on this earth. If you are decent to me, I will remain a loyal true friend like no other... but I will only take so many hits from people before I stand up slap the proverbial spit out one's mouth and put them back in their own lane AWAY from mine!

I DO NOT look for confrontation,

but I won't turn my cheek when you hit me, so you can slap the other one.

  I have been blessed to know some of the greatest sweetest most amazing people on this earth and they remind me why I am still here..

You will get back what you put into this 'relationship' with me. 
Why is it because I'm able to create babies, people hold me to a higher ungodly expectation of
'being FAKE' all smiles regardless how im talked to etc. ???

I create babies because I not only enjoy creating them,
but I LOVE to bring joy to others through them! 
If I am 'not nice' to or about someone/thing,
it's because I felt the occasion/person called for it.

NOT because I have an 'ego' or think my ** dont stink, Im a meanie, a B* etc.!! 
One has NOTHING to do with the other!
I NEVER say things to someone with intent to hurt them, pick on them, be mean, rude etc...
(Even though often times, people assume to know my motivations for speaking out about someone/thing when I have on occasion!)

I am a Good, DECENT human being that respects other's feelings until they disrespect MINE.

I don't keep on with it either! I say my peace and MOVE ON!
I speak my truth... when Im asked how I feel about someone or thing... I am NOT shy about expressing my feelings, GOOD or BAD. What's the problem?
My problem? 
This year ALONE, I have been through some of the most horrible hells that life can put one through, yet I stayed smiling for my children, my husband, my friends, FOR YOU.. and kept making others happy, continuously working because others counted on me.. while I literally was dying inside.

I was nice when I didn't want to be. Social, when I wanted to be left alone. Helped others when I wanted to cease to exist! Smiled when I wanted to cry myself to death. Ignored people being rude, callous and plain ruthless to myself, friends and others that I love and care about. I let a LOT "Go" ... But I have my limits. Don't you??!!
Im not just an "ARTIST"... Im a HUMAN. I'm KAT! Who also happens to be an artist. Frankly, I'm exhausted & tired of people expecting me to be anything but HUMAN.

Expecting me to smile and take sh* from people and keep my mouth shut about it.

To hell with that!

I've never been one to sit in a pile of horse poo and say "Oh its lovely! More please"..

Yet, I've felt forced to do just that.. TOO OFTEN!..

I THOUGHT we were all GROWN adults ?? If you don't like someone for being true to themselves by being open and honest... go play in your dream world, the real one isn't for you. As my recently departed daddy would've said to you/me.

It's ok if you don't like me for whatever reasons... but if you don't ..

Edgar said it best...
"If the eye offends thee, pluck it out" - Edgar Allen Poe  
Sidenote- While some (thankfully very few) are so busy throwing rocks at me for my honest approach to life...(on my own wall/Personal space, not YOURS) check your hands, they're dirty. When YOU are perfect, only then, will I appreciate your chastising ME for your idea of my "imperfections." 

​and breathe again. 

Although I NORMALLY try to keep things light and pleasant....​
There's just something I feel compelled to express...

         Sometimes..  it helps

to get things out....           


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